2 tips for managing your social (profile) life

Is your major social messaging centre, Facebook, letting you down? Is there a way to snoop without consequence on LinkedIn? We have the answers!

Everyone knows that you have to protect your social reputation – online and off. That’s why we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to share these two hot profile management tips that even social media  ‘lite’ users will value.

One of these tips might help you reconnect with a long lost friend, wallet or job prospect. And the other tip will help you maintain your ‘virtual’ cool. Here they are:

1. Facebook’s secret ‘other’ folder

Facebook may not wear the “suit” in your entourage of social media apps – we’ll leave that to LinkedIn – but its nonetheless one of the most popular ways people seek to connect with one another. That’s probably why so many people were incensed (and intrigued) by a series of posts circulating about a secret ‘other’ folder in Facebook that likely contains tons of missed personal messages, requests and potential connections.

In this post, the NYTimes outlines how you can access the ‘other’ folder from your messages centre. The folder was originally intended to filter spam and bogus friend requests. But, in some cases, it turns out the filter was over-productive, hiding away prize notifications, friend requests and even important life news.

We checked our ‘other’ folders and were absolutely shocked by what we found: missed messages from ex-colleaugues looking to reconnect, more than a few event invites and even a request for a reference letter. Tell us: Did you find anything surprising in your ‘other’ folder?

2. How to be anonymous on LinkedIn

Fair enough: you have a burning desire to know what your ex-colleague or old office flame has been up to, but you don’t want them to see that you’ve been lurking. Or, maybe you’re looking to improve your own profile and you’ve been referring back to an enviable friends’ page – enough times that you’ve appeared on their viewer list everyday this week.

If you’re weary of being outed by LinkedIn’s  “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” feature, here’s what you should do…

Read this great re-cap on how to cloak yourself in anonymity and maintain your dignity – even when sniffing out someone’s online activity. Turns out, you can change your privacy settings to appear as “anonymous” or as “Someone” in your Industry (i.e Someone in Marketing). But user-beware, if you choose that last setting, someone could still click through and discover it was you from a list of potential culprits.

The real question, though, might be whether there’s value in remaining anonymous at all. If you’re interetsed enough to check out someone’s profile, perhaps what you really want is a reason to connect? After all, isn’t that why we hold so many online profiles to begin with – as avenues for personal and professional interactions beyond those that are accessible face-to-face? Of course, there are advantages to being available; for example recruiters can reach out to you about great roles that may be of interest.

We hope you found these two tips useful! Learning to manage your presence across the multitude of social media platforms you engage with can go a long way to ensuring you’re personal brand stays consistent.

What other hot social media tips do you swear by? Share them here!