3 Apps to Stay Current with Industry News

zite social mediaDo you keep up with industry trends? If so, what’s your program?

The Undercover Recruiter reports more than one-third of adults employed full- or part-time say that keeping up with the news is important to their jobs. However, they also report that most people don’t enjoy it.

The problem? How to stay on top of industry trends in today’s fast-paced environment.

Where an annual conference or occasional white paper might have sufficed, today’s “keeping up” demands incremental, day by day, monitoring of articles, blogs, Twitter feeds, news sources and the latest from a growing pool of industry influencers.

Some people are experiencing information overload – and others aren’t sure where to look for the best and most accessible news online.


Why is following industry news so important?

Because what you know defines you. Staying well tuned to the business environment defines you from a personal brand perspective (current, engaged, dedicated) and in terms of your capacity to innovate (awareness, ability to predict trends and speak to customer needs)

Even better, engaging with the ‘wider picture’ of your industry can given you that head-out-the-sand viewpoint that drives momentum, keeps you motivated and helps you #StandApart at work.

So, if we all agree that following industry news is a good thing, the questions remain: How do we find time for it? And can we ease the overwhelm-factor enough to really enjoy it? The answer lies in finding a way to synthesize all that information, so it works best for you.


Our top 3 apps for staying on top of current trends

Below, we’ve listed our 3 favourite apps for keeping up with industry trends. There’s something for every personality type: do you need a fully automated experience? Are you willing to put in the time to curate the perfect feed? Are you more inclined to auditory learning experiences? We’ve got something for you.


Personality Type #1: You just can’t seem to find the time to frequent LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter to see what your professional and social networks are up to. You have a long list of bookmarked industry blogs and sites, but you can’t seem to keep up.

Answer: Try Flipboard. The service allows you to intersperse blogs, news and other feeds along with your own social accounts to create a personally curated collection of industry news in an easy-to-read magazine style.


Personality Type #2: You’re an audiophile at heart. You might commute long distances and/or take transit to work. You like to ease into sleep with a TV show and/or music.

Answer: Stitcher puts together podcasts the way Flipboard synthesizes your news feed. You can stream multiple playlists at a time and the app lets you add both specific shows and search for generalized content (i.e. marketing-related podcasts).


Personality Type #3: You want to follow industry news, but you’d like the whole process to be as low-barrier and cruise-controlled as possible.

Answer: MeetZite. Whereas Flipboard makes you the curator-in-charge, Zite relies on user-entered keywords to compile the best collection of news on your behalf. Even better? Zite learns your interests and reading habits and gets smarter as you use it.


If your industry is evolving daily, shouldn’t you? As the Undercover Recruiter says, “following current events can seem daunting and boring, But if you truly enjoy the industry in which you work, you are bound to find some interesting stuff every day to share with your colleagues.” Staying tuned to industry happenings will make you smarter, more responsive and the go-to person in times of change.


What apps do you use to stay current? What other benefits are there to being in the know when it comes to your profession?