Love Monday #50: Best Career

Our big thanks to everyone who pulled out their Sunday best and joined us in our first annual online Oscar pool contest! Love Monday Logo

The results were close (turns out, we have some serious Matthew McConaughey fans in our network. See the McConaissance). We’ll be announcing the winners on our Facebook page this afternoon. Stay Tuned.

Winning is a big part of your career, too. You won’t win every time or in every category, but if you work hard enough and keep pushing, you may just find yourself celebrating your very own #Oscar moment. That’s not to forget, being gracious when you’re on-screen and not-winning is a big part of it too. And remember, as said by Idina Menzel in her Oscar-winning speech for Frozen, “Never let fear or shame keep you from celebrating the unique people that you are.” Here are some #LoveMonday links to help you get started. Maybe overshadowing all that glitterati, however, was another star – Twitter. Henceforth, the Oscars will be forever known for producing the world’s most retweeted tweet: a selfie. Then, there was NASA’s real-time marketing of #RealGravity (love that) and a few local reasons to celebrate too: all five nominees for Visual Effects have Vancouver Film School Grads and a Vancouver designer debuted his first dress down the red carpet. How’s that for a win-win? 

If you need a career boost, a reframe, or a simple second, sober look, there’s nothing quite as effective as updating your resume. This article lists some pretty compelling reasons for an immediate resume polish: i.e. “feel better about yourself” and “prepare for the worst”. 

The most common reason people take on mentorship roles? Because, at some point, someone helped them. This little, but eloquent blog post by Jay Baer talks about the “Virtuous Circle of Mentorship” and why it’s the be-all and end-all of any good career.

Business2Community has put out the ultimate checklist for a more effective email marketing campaign. Great drawing too! 

Have you fallen out of love with your job? @WendyJacob says every relationship has its point of no return…have you reached yours?

Speeches are hard. Especially when you’re presenting to senior executives. Here’s visual-story expert, Nancy Duarte, on how to nail your next presentation.