Career Resolutions for 2017 You’ll Want to Steal (and Actually Keep)

Rolling into 2017 without a resolutions list? Fear not.

We asked a few top marketing, sales and HR professionals from Vancouver (and beyond) where they’ll be investing their time and energy this year. Read their replies to get your ideas flowing for a new year and new you. 

“This 2017, I resolve to…..”

Focus on the fundamentals 

Get more sleep. Drink more water. Prioritize relationships IRL. Work within my “circle of influence” (without wasting energy on things that are not). And always take the default position of assuming the best of people. We’re all trying to navigate our way to success in challenging times – and we all deserve the “benefit of the doubt.”  

– Rich Workman, Sales Manager, NA West, Sophos Inc.

Slow down and breathe. 

In 2017, I will be more focused on taking strategic breaks to reflect, think things through in a quiet space, and breathe deeply on a more regular basis throughout each day. Easy to say, hard to do, but I know my best work is done from a thoughtful, present state of mind. That’s my one big resolution for a successful year ahead. 

– Dorit Shackleton VP, Head of Integration, Global Corporate Affairs, SAP

Favour quality over quantity 

I love my line of work and the people and organizations I get to work with – so much so that I I have a really hard time saying ‘no’ when new opportunities arise. But all that “yes’ can dilute my good intentions. I’m working towards achieving a work-life balance, and being confident in saying ‘no’ will be an important step in reaching that goal.

– Bianca Bujan, Owner, Bee Communications 

Be pro-social

Things are getting faster and faster every day. What I believe we need now more than ever is community: people working together in positive and helpful ways to make the future better . How to act – and help others act – for the benefit of the whole? That’s what I’ll be working on in 2017. 

– Ashleah Wilson, VP, Marketing, Chimp

Find more joy/ less screens

This year, I commit to jumping off the data treadmill as often as possible. I resolve to keep pace with people and moments, not pings and comments. How we spend our days, after all, is how we spend our lives. 

– Christina Crook, Author, The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World and Founder, Daily JOMO

Be more consistent

It’s what sets us apart from top athletes – starting something and then not having the focus, time or motivation to continue, whether that’s a weight loss resolution or my website (full disclosure). To help me be more consistent in my work and personal life, I will set smaller, short-term goals in 2017. This will give me the chance to celebrate the small victories that eventually lead to me achieving the bigger goal. 

– Wahiba Chair, Senior Social Media Strategist & Instructor,

Love what you do

In 2017, I’ll be investing big time in my team’s work and life happiness; which I believe can co-exist without the notion of “balance”. With each passing year of reflection, I’m further reminded how time waits for no one — so do what you love and most importantly, love what you do! Business and personal successes are usually not far behind.

– Rocky Ozaki, VP, Community, BC Tech Association


And here are a few goals we can help you get working on right away: 

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