Glassdoor.com – Trusted Source or T.M.I ? Part 2/3

Glassdoor.com  Trusted Source or T.M.I? Part 2/3

So, what are people saying in Vancouver?

Of the BC-based companies listed on Canada’s 2013 Top 100 Employers list, only a handful of companies have enough local reviews to really start forming an opinion. Best Buy, for example, has 30 local employee reviews and Telus has 76.

Here’s what Vancouverites have revealed to Glassdoor:

  • 1122 companies have been reviewed
  • 15, 831 people have posted their salaries
  • 429 candidates reported on their interview processes and documented 830 actual interview questions

Companies topping the list of highest rated employers with a 5/5 on employee satisfaction level (number of reviews in brackets) include Peer1 Hosting (12) and Safe Software (3). Those with more reviews, i.e. Telus (76), HSBC (37) and Electronic Arts (69) tend to hover around the 65% approval rating.

All questions of relevance and honesty aside, some of the content on Glassdoor is simply funny:

A prospective IT Architect for Telus had this to say about their interview:

Aptitude test is very difficult. Consider taking snacks with you.

 Lululemon employee recently posted this impression:

If there’s one thing you NEED TO KNOW about anything to do with Lululemon, it’s this: SET GOALS. What those goals are doesn’t really seem to matter, so long as they A- exist, B- are written down, and C- you can convince people that they are indeed legit goals and not just ones you’ve made up for while you work there.

Will you be looking?

That’s up to you. Our advice? Keep a level head. Don’t immediately dismiss a job if there’s a low employee satisfaction rating and some dismal reviews. A large employer with hundreds of employees might only have 10 active comments. We suggest you address your concerns with the hiring manager in a frank discussion. Maybe you have some unsavory documentation of a recent birthday celebration floating around? Every one deserves a chance to explain.

Finally, we see one undeniable benefit Glassdoor has to offer both job seekers and the currently employed. Its up-front attitude – and growing popularity – will force companies to look their work-place climates and employee satisfaction with a new urgency. Corporate culture, right up there with salary, benefits and bonuses, is a prime driver in employee recruitment, satisfaction and, ultimately, retention. Even the toughest CEO’s might consider being a bit more accessible –they’re being rated there too.