Even if you’re not ‘looking,’ careers can take unexpected turns at any time. Case in point, Paul Deneve. He recently made headlines for the wardrobe-change of a lifetime: CEO of Yves St Laurent to VP at shiny tech-outfit, Apple.

The Deneve case is an excellent example of career (and brand) design at its finest: unexpected, seemingly wrong-fit, but a perfect meet-up of skill, need and timing.

The idea that the job-market cools down over the summer months – it couldn’t be further from the truth. With all the opportunities for causal lunching, social meet-ups and easy-going office fun, your career could really just be heating up.

Take a page from Deneve’s book and think about what you can do today to stay “dream job” ready. First order of business, make sure you never let these 4 #standapart career credentials expire:

Your Resume

Imagine this: your halfway through a frosty drink or a game of Frisbee AND a great conversation with that friend-of-a-friend who also happens to be senior-deck in a company you love. Next thing you know, the conversation ends like this: Send me your resume. Let’s see if we’ve got something for you. And you’re…scrambling.

Your resume– the one that turns patio-drinks into dream jobs – is more than a one-pager of dates, duties and meaningless skills (and we’re counting your LinkedIn profile here too). It’s got to be spot-on, polished and offer up all the ‘proof-in-the-pudding’ that you’re the one.

Your Connections

Truth-be-told, Deneve is no stranger to Silicon Valley. He’s held previous sales and marketing roles in Apple’s European branches and he’s maintained a number of advisory relationships in the tech world throughout his reign at Yves St Laurent.

Relationships, new and old, are what connect us. You want to get ahead? You’ve got your eye on a Director or VP position? Who is going to help you get there? Who’s going to say your name when they get asked, “Do you know anyone in…?”

Your Pitch

Don’t groan. We’re as over the concept of ‘elevator pitches’ as you are. But, like it or not, at some point in your career search (not to mention, salary negotiations, promotion asks, or even annual reviews) the conversation always boils down to one thing: how well can you sell yourself?

If you’re looking at a seniority jump or a major industry switch, like Deneve, you’ve got to be able to clearly articulate your transferable skills. What’s your “standapart” factor? What’s your driver? In what area do you, more than anyone else, have the Midas touch?

Your Passport

One of our favourite summertime maxims: expect the unexpected. If you’re being asked to fly down, up or over for an interview – or even just an exploratory ‘chat’ – please make sure you can say, yes.

Sometimes the biggest career moves have nothing to do with job satisfaction at all. Sometimes it’s all about opportunity. Even if you’re not currently on the market, you just never know what a chance meeting (or internet search) might turn up. Don’t be caught off-guard when that career-changing call, email or chance meeting comes your way. Make sure you’re opportunity ready – and that your career essentials are packed.