Kierstin De West + Conscientious Innovation

Was a busy week of events and getting netwerky this week (BCAMA – Exec Round Table, F5BCAIM Luncheon with Gurval Caer and BCAMA Annual Tasting Event District 319 (cool venue).

Heard form some noteworthy speakers this week –my only regret was missing Steph Corker-Irwin present at Pecha Kucha on her Ironman goal and new business venture NoMo Solo.

I  and wanted to take a few mins. to send a shout out to a presenter that really stood out —  Kierstin De West – Founder of Conscientious Innovation (@ BCAMA Tasting Event).  Kierstin shared the story of what drove her to start Conscientious Innovation — she joked about starting her highschool’s environmental club but getting kicked out for reading Vogue.   I really enjoyed her take on sustainability and the insights she shared from her company’s Shift Report –  a 5,000 person study, that provides intelligence on people’s attitudes, perceptions, behaviors around sustainability and social responsibility and the impact this has on lifestyle choices, brand relationships and purchase decisions.  PDF Summary here.

You can have a look at a similar presentation she delivered at a LoCo BC event. Screencast here.  PDF here.

I  found a recent Pecha Kucha presentation of hers (below) that provides an overview of her journey as a marketer and intentional shift from helping selling candy to kids to helping companies understand that culture is shifting.  The sustainability pendulum isn’t just swinging differently it is completely reshaping itself.   People are looking to do business with companies that  make values driven choices based on integrity and social responsibility.