Leadership doesn’t need a title

leadership 2We’re still coming off the high of last week’s The Art of Leadership Conference in Vancouver. But the question this morning is: are we leading differently?  Are you? Do you work hard on the way you lead – or is it all about what you deliver? Who do you talk to about leadership– or is it a solo endeavor?  Best tip of the week: you don’t need staff to start leading right now.

In case you missed it – or need a chance to soak back in the leadership wisdom – here’s a roundup of some of the best tweets from The Art of Leadership Conference in Vancouver (more tweets here, too #theartof)

The single most important life lesson older people feel young people need to know (and it doesn’t have to do with marriage or children).

When to collaborate and when to go it alone? For a growing number of Vancouverites – at the forefront of the revolutionary share economy – the answer is that it’s better together.  From cars and workspaces to power drills and customer-driven delivery – how far will it go?

After reading this, you might be motivated to put a baby panda poster in the lunch room. These 7 behavioral studies (and their results) give some science-backed data on what motivates employees to give their best at work.

All those great things you plan to do when you get in the SVP or CEO role – why wait? Leadership doesn’t need a title. Here’s how you can start showing leadership on day one.


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