Love Monday #27: Your Future Career

Love Monday LogoThere’s a lot of fear mongering around the ‘future,’ what it may hold and your career. When I read posts like ‘The best career fields for the future’ and ‘Is there a future for marketers’ and (a personal favourite) ‘How to future-proof your career,’ what I get is this: whatever the future may hold, you’re not good enough to compete with it, so…be afraid.

Beware the trap of falling prey to the big-bad-scary future; here are my top three tips for avoiding total career meltdown. Be proactive. Keep learning. Take a stock of your current value proposition to your employer (and theirs to you) and try to increase the volume on each. If you can’t do this, start to think about your next move, or talk to us.  In the meantime, here are five #LoveMonday links looking at you. Future you, that is.


The next time you’re looking for a traditional role, consider this infographic, Why everyone will have to become an entrepreneur. Highlighting the growing value of entrepreneurial-spirited employees, the author seems to ask – are you business minded or simply filling a perfunctory task?

For a company that didn’t even register on Google trends until 2011, Pinterest is now the fourth largest traffic driver in the world. Learn how to master the art of Pinterest marketing (before it’s been replaced) by checking out some of these brands leaders who’ve got their board-style pinned down: Benjamin Moore, GE, Honda and more.

Should job training be the responsibility of employers or is the push towards ever-specialized programming at the university level the right way to go? A great debate starts here in the Globe and Mail’s commentary piece, Universities should educate, Employers should train.

The latest Slideshare deck from Rand Fishkin, Founder & CEO of Moz, outlines must-read tips for every step of the team-building process. We love how cohesively he’s laid out actionable ways to improve each process (recruit, hire, train, structure) with the ultimate goal of empowering marketing teams to produce remarkable results. He’s laid out everything from how to get your job-postings noticed to professional development paths that motivate. Read more here.

We agree! @Strutta CEO, Ben Pickering, makes a compelling case for ditching the “Silicon Valley of the North” conversation and re-focusing the talk on what makes Vancouver the ideal Canadian HQ.