Love Monday #28 – Marketing and Science

Love Monday LogoAgainst the backdrop of today’s planned “Stand up for Science” rally at the Vancouver Art Gallery – featuring high-profile scientists like Dr. David Suzuki and their beef against the federal government of Canada – we thought we’d round up our own scientific evidence. Here are 5 fun links marrying the worlds of marketing and science. For us, the two were never very far apart. The future of modern marketing promises a growing balance and integration of art and numbers, and a world view where the right and left (brains, that is) get along much better than today.

The data-science conundrum: “Businesses may want the rigor of the academy, but they’re rarely willing to pay for the time good science requires.” Read more about that along with some other fascinating data downloads in the Data Mill’s latest post, Does Business Have the Patience for Data Science?

Write this equation down: Scale=Partnership. The results of @AshokaUK’s newest study helped them distill the secrets of scaling social innovation into five key principles. One of our favourites: “Appoint an Evangelist-in-Chief.” Above all, collaboration and a renewed focus on an organization’s purpose are key. Read more.

The ever-challenging prospect of how to be the most interesting man in the room has now been answered. The IgNobel awards – the affable friend to its’ mega-genius counterpart – honours those scientists whose work will “first make you laugh and then make you think.” These are some out-there scientific discoveries, but strangely hilarious – and then compelling too. Here’s a re-cap of the 10 weirdest questions scientists asked and answered this year, such as “what is the effect of listening to opera on heart transplant patients–who are mice?”

Resumes are all about storytelling, but now there’s a scientific component to resume writing as well. This article verifies the long-suspected ‘recruiter attention-span deficiency,’ by proving (through the use of eye-tracking gear) that your resume has just 6-seconds to impress. What’s more? Recruiters rely heavily on specific resume “hot spots” – so make sure you know what to highlight and how to make the most of the time you’ve got.

Famous behavioral scientist and canine trainer, Cesar Milan, has a story to enlighten not just the next generation of dog-owners, but “entrepreneurs and the business c-suite” as well. Bryan Elliot of Behind the Brand gives a low-key but fascinating interview with Milan, revealing his story, the hardships he’s faced and what it takes to lead a successful business (and personal) life through it all.