Love Monday #29 – The Height of Digital Distraction

Love Monday LogoThe latest Apple iPhone was released last week, out-trending most any other topic on the internet with questions of cost, durability, design and supply. And yet, while our digital hunger grows, so does a deep (albeit, often internal) recognition of the more contemplative sciences: emotional intelligence, meditation, even yoga.  We’re in a tit-for-tat relationship with ourselves – an ever-expedient ride on the iOs train coupled with an internal brake-mechanism searching for slowness.  You’ll see the crux of it played out in the #LoveMonday links below: young professionals creating “phone” rules while striving to tweet faster, smarter and more pervasively. What’s your take? Reddit or Roundtable? Leave us a comment.

Following up on our digital detox post, the New York Times reports that Smartphone addicts are finding creative ways to go device-free. From a game called “phone stack” to cellphone lockboxes, get ideas for your own digital diet here.

Smart Savvy’s own, Peter Reek, is proud to be named the first Chair of the BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association’s newly launched Directors’ Forum – an exclusive roundtable group for directors and senior managers in the marketing industry. Based on the popular and successful model of “small intellectually driven roundtable discussions,” (i.e. Ted and Creative Mornings), the Director’s Forum will give Vancouver marketers the unprecedented opportunity to network, contribute thought leadership and work on complex industry issues. See here for details on what the BCAMA and Peter have lined up for the inaugural forum.

You might have no idea what to do with Twitter yet, but here’s why it matters (and why the 140-character thought is going to catch fire).

We love talking about interview techniques. Those first (second and third) meetings between employer and candidate are critical to filling in all the variable questions around fit, personality, skill and potential. Here’s an interview tip we’ll be using right away: Are you asking “why” enough in your interviews?

Sure, you got the job. But did you ever truly “opt-in” to the experience? Here’s what the author of CRTL ALT DELETE learned at the Googleplex.