Love Monday #30: Mistake or Opportunity?

Love Monday LogoThere’s an exhibit at Science World that I really love. It features a wall covered in a tangle of long tubes with sharp turns and air-powered valves. You pop a ball into the bottom, sending it on a seemingly straightforward route to the top, but you never really know which way it will go. The large, neat typography above the whole display reads: “Think differently. Make mistakes. Invent.”  The quote is from the James Dyson Foundation (you know, of the infamous vacuum brand) who created the exhibit in honour of innovation and its friend, curiosity. I think the whole sentiment is bang-on. In our careers, we can’t be afraid to make mistakes; we must be willing to experiment. It’s all part of the fun – and often, the only guaranteed path to success. PS: Science World has genius marketing ads too.  What are you loving this Monday?

Who’s got it right? From financial spas to micro-branches to the no-frills President’s Choice approach, here’s how banks are changing their ways to compete for new clients in modern times.

Strategy sessions don’t need to take weeks and thousands of dollars. We appreciated this simple, no nonsense nudge from Seth Godin’s blog – he’s laid out the 3 key questions you need to ask your marketing team (or any team) today to review your purpose and renew your direction.

This Huffington Post article asks what you should do when you feel like you can’t do anymore – and how do you avoid total burnout? There are some really helpful thoughts on building career resilience and taking stock of your strengths – a must-read for any ambitious, high achieving, do-it-all professional.

Not a #stupidcombo: the Vancouver police and marketing agency, DDB Canada teamed up to produce these safety ads featuring a series of poorly paired activities (i.e. weigh-lifting and swimming). The ads will be distributed to teens as a reminder of the dangers of texting and driving.

The 80 “rules” of social media may be one of our favourite infographics of the year. Two of our favourties? #3 The best followers lead from the middle of the park – usually by example and #42 If fans start publishing and sharing your content without your permission, offer to help.