Love Monday #32 – 5 Career trends we’re thankful for

We spent the weekend cultivating career gratitude. That is, a thankfulness for every good thing that’s come our way (and even some of the hard parts, too).  We also spent some time reviewing this recent Forbes’ article, 7 major trends shaping your business or career, and realizing how thankful we are to be working in a time when personal and environmental factors like empathy, conversation and recognition rank as high as they do. With that in mind, here’s our list of the top five career trends we’re thankful for, along with some links to what we’ve been saying about them on the blog. Happy #LoveMonday. Thank you for reading!

  1. Emotional Intelligence: We’re written a lot about Emotional intelligence (EI or EQ). In short form, EI is the ability to recognize and regulate emotions in ourselves and others through learnable skills like self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. From empathy & leadership to keeping ourselves ‘in-line’ online, we’ve covered some great thinkers on this subject matter. And, because the term “emotional intelligence” (EI) can sometimes sound abstract, we were especially happy to find and share this list from Daniel Goleman of actual skills (hard and soft) that EI-savvy employers are looking for.
  2. Deep Recruiting:  The hyper-social way people now seek jobs has been slow to translate to the internal recruitment cycle…but it’s happening. This is due, in part, to an increasing appreciation for fit over expertise and also thanks to job sites like Glassdoor that are working to throw open the hiring process more than ever before. We joined the conversation about this shift with a two-part series detailing psychometric testing, what it is, and why you shouldn’t fear it. We also looked into the growing trend of visual job descriptions – and detailed how you can increase your online appeal by making the most of social media channels.
  3. Slowing Down: As the Forbes article says, the differences between synthetic and organic are more apparent (and important) than ever – “[we’re] willing to hack anything to make it bigger, faster, sweeter or easier. Then we inevitably begin to worry that we’re poisoning ourselves.” At Smart Savvy, we’ve been sharing our thoughts on slowing down – everything from why procrastination is good for your career to our favourite spots to digital detox in Vancouver.
  4. Collaboration – The reign of the expert is giving way to the age of conversation – and we like it. Collaboration is about the great anti-hierarchical idea exchange made possible by new media and driven by an up-and-coming generation. Maybe it’s always been about ‘who you know’, but these days, it’s also about the value you’re bringing to the table. We’ve recapped some amazing idea-shares like BCAMA’s 2013 Vision conference and the recent Digital Storytelling workshop in the Fraser Valley. We’ve also been giving tips on how to be a natural networker and how to make the most of your connections.
  5. #StandApart – Our fifth bullet may not officially be a ‘trend’, but here’s the exciting part: it can be. #StandApart is the term we’ve given to the distinctive qualities that make some individuals ultra-successful. But, in their own right, they’re really just ways of thinking and acting that anyone can adopt as their own. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our profiles of #StandApart marketers as they share their best advice and stories on career highlights, education, teamwork and more. We’ve learned that being #StandApart is all about capturing the career trends listed above and lighting them up with a good dose of intentionality. Not to mention, a serious serving of gratitude on the side.

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