Love Monday #34 – Ultimate Follow-up Email

Love Monday LogoAnswer this: There’s nothing scarier than:

  1. Negative feedback following an otherwise promising job interview (i.e. “We liked your spirit, but…)
  2. Shopping for the ultimate tech-nerd in your life…
  3. Waiting for comments and likes on your latest blog post or FB update…

Today’s #LoveMonday post has answers to all of your biggest workplace fears. Plus, don’t forget to read our previous post about the scariest workday of the year, complete with ideas for office appropriate Halloween costumes. Happy Halloween week at the office!

No disguise here: 6 companies who found their product sweet spot, while staying 100% Canadian made.

Attention jobseekers: Google’s Executive Recruiter is offering advice on how to make the not-insignificant jump from “online applicant” to “employee introduced applicant.” Just one of his valuable search techniques: “using online information to take intelligent offline action.”

Not sure if it’s the ghoulish faces or the no-nonsense advice, but this @slideshare of the 13 scary reasons your content marketing will fail is just too good not to share.

From job-dumped to employed: the ultimate crib-notes to the post-interview follow-up email (don’t leave the office without it).

Forget Halloween, Rebecca Coleman just wrote our Christmas shopping list for all the techies in our lives. Click through for some cool sneak peeks from #LDRTG13 in Whistler – London Drug’s top secret trade show that gives LD employees and friends first dibs on all the latest tech gadgets.