Love Monday #35 – Where’s the pause button?

Love Monday LogoFall back earned us an extra hour this weekend – what are you doing with your returned time?

We’re taking pause and doing things a little slower around the office this week. We’re becoming editor-in-chief of our own emails. And we’re taking second looks at the people we manage and how we manage them. We’re also thinking about what it means to take a corporate step back. Can you? Is there room to relent on the forward motion of our career paths and re-evaluate everything? Are you on the right path? These questions and more explored in the #LoveMonday links below.

There’s lots of chatter of about ways to improve the email experience, but this is the first complete strategy I’ve seen for writing each and every email better.  Geoffrey James, author of Business without the B**shit, lays out the rights and wrongs of writing emails that get the job done.

Managers deal with a multitude of personalities – and the challenge of how to bring out the very best in each.  Here’s some great advice @qz on never underestimating the power of your teams’ most introverted players and some solid ideas on how to give them space to shine. One we particularly like: “be sure to offer opportunities for introverts to start the idea generation process before team meetings and allow points in the conversation where they can jump in.”

Does your marketing program create unforgettable experiences? Good example: that time a mob of 100 zombies erupted from the giant Xbox on the corner of Nelson and Seymour.

You’re young. You’re building your career. And the next steps keep coming. But you feel like there’s barely time to evaluate the opportunities – even as you’re taking them. Do you charge ahead? Or, is this a good time for a corporate pause? This ex-Fortune-500 exec shares her story of taking a corporate step back.

Do you ever wish there was a way to reject endorsements from people you don’t know on LinkedIn? It’s a growing concern, and some say those one-click ‘skill’ endorsements cheapen the more meaningful ones. Read more at Social Media Today.


Oh, and in case you missed it:  

Read our Q+A with #StandApart Marketer, Catherine Walsh – Senior Manager, Media and Consumer Insights at Best Buy Canada.

Are you proud of what you wore to work today? Some tips on decoding the office dress code.

How to ace your next job interview.