Love Monday #36: What’s Next?

Love Monday LogoOprah Winfrey once said: “I’m in the ‘What’s next’ phase of my career.” And what a great place to be. ‘What’s next’ implies you’re ready to open doors, entertain possibilities and even make moves to drive your professional goals forward. Likewise, disruptive start-ups and evolving marketing techniques have a collective workforce asking ‘What’s next’ for the marketing industry. Barbara Concoran says a little insecurity – and the ability to get back up – are essential to growing your piece of the career pie. We think that rings true from individual to corporation. What else does the future-forward careerist need? Innovation, resilience, persistence and, sometimes, a crystal ball helps too.

The huge (and growing) salary gap between client and agency for young starters may mean a bleak future for agencies altogether. Read more @Marketing_Mag

What’s going to capture shoppers’ attention next? 10 founders look deep into the crystal ball of e-commerce to identify the trends of the future, including custom-everything and data-driven personalized brands.

My name is (YOUR NAME HERE) and I’m the next big thing. Hootsuite founder starts-up something big for the next generation of innovators. @RyanHolmes

Toronto Tailors have invented, designed, produced and tested a bulletproof suit for high risk businessman. Anyone come to mind?

[VIDEO] Spot the difference: Barbara Corcoran explains the small, but significant divide between $40k per year salespersons and $8-million dollar per year salespersons