Love Monday #38: Social Reading

Love Monday LogoToo many I-don’t-cares on your morning news feed? Social media can be a powerful tool, or an equally mighty time-waster. A well-stocked (and edited) social network should be a daily motivator, not an emotional drain. We love tuning into our @SmartSavvy Twitter feed to see what awaits us each morning (and throughout the day). It’s stocked with opinions, news, laughs and ideas that help shape our own. Your daily reads online should dial you into opportunity and help you connect offline too. Here’s what our network’s been tweeting about this #LoveMonday:

Reinforce your CMO staying-power with this fool-proof guide on what’s next for the C-suite, co-authored by @Domain7’s @ryanhanawalt and @WiderFunnel’s @chrisgoward via @bcbusiness

160 hours of work per week is almost a non-measurement when it comes to how hard you actually work. But, when you’re burning the midnight oil, do you ever ask: who and what it’s all for? Is it for approval? Job security? Admiration? This writer @Guardian says, for him, it’s about the money – no apology. “I am not naturally hard-working, but if you pay me, I will do a good job.”

Daily laugh: 25 frustrating things about being an extrovert. (We liked #2, #4, #10, #13, #22)

What does it take to call yourself the Jane Bond of Innovation – and get away with it? We found this inspiring profile of blue-chip guru, Nilofer Merchant via @networkinginvan. Here’s how she nails networking without being annoying.


This one made us think: Expediting equality through government-imposed gender quotas for the boardroom. @Virgin’s for it. What do you think? Spark debate.