Love Monday #39: How to Stay Career Limber

Love Monday LogoLunchtime yoga sessions have long since been on the perks menu of many Vancouver workplaces, but there’s a lot more you can and should do to stay career-limber in life. For starters, keep your ego in check. Are you really too good/ senior/valuable to lend your time and energy to that new office project or recruit? How often do you drive yourself toward new experiences and people? We love the question asked in one of the links below: What’s keeping you too safe? When everything is just copacetic, are you thriving or coping? Here are 5 #LoveMonday links to rattle your comfort zone.

Great thoughts in this short but impactful post on staying life and career limber. What’s keeping you too safe? Where do you tend to choose the easy road? If your desire for comfort outweighs your natural curiosity and your openness to new experiences (people, projects, adventures), then you might want to consider a brief trip out of your comfort zone.

One of the top career sabotage moves of all time? An overinflated ego. If you know one (or are one), this Poorly Drawn Lines comic is sure to make you laugh.

If you suspected a top-notch female employee was turning down a promotion for fear that it wouldn’t fit in with her family life, what would you do? Sheryl Sandberg is leaning in (way in) to become a natural partner in the child-rearing and career plans of her employees. Her message: You may want to have kids one day. I’d love to talk to you about it.

How well do you interview your interviewer? That moment when the interview table turns is your chance to engage your prospective employer with thoughtful, smart and targeted questions. Will you come across articulate and knowing what you want? Here are suggestions for smart questions to ask at your next interview.

What do you think about your annual performance review process? Is it working? Or is it infrequent, subjective and frustrating? Here is Globoforce’s list of the top 5 fatal problems with performance reviews (and a simple, one-step move to improve them).