Love Monday #40 – Do You Fit?

Love Monday #40

Love Monday #40

What does a high-end, world class retailer like De Beers look for when opening its first flagship store in Canada? Fit. Sure, we’re not the biggest city (competency) but as Vancouver grows its luxe reputation and international fluency, we’re starting to look the most attractive (fit). As for Vancouver’s professional class, you’ll want to start thinking about your own global appeal as well. Competing in the midst of a so-called satellite Big Apple will no doubt have an effect on the sheen and shape of shoes you’ll fill in the corporate future. That said, home grown has carved out its own niche market in YVR too. So the #LoveMonday question of the day is: Where do you fit?
Would you ever reject someone (or have you been rejected) from an organization based on fit rather than competency? Top CEOs, like Apple’s Tim Cooke, are aligning talent strategy with corporate strategy to stack their leadership bench. And they’re looking to their HR counterparts for the human data and analytics to drive it.

Help! I’m on a toxic work team! If that’s you, here’s some advice on nursing your team back to health, including, step one: admit you’re part of the problem.

Here’s what the data read-out on Canada tells us: 50 insane things to love about being Canadian.

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