Love Monday #42 – Local Issues

LM42For many, this Monday in January is a second New Year’s. The real, back-to-the-grind after the holidays. A second re-do on already bent resolutions. So, while Jan 1 may have had us waxing esoteric and thinking big picture, we like to use week 2 to start tackling local issues (i.e. those in our immediate control). As you’ll read below, trust and being a great audience to those around us are high on our list. We’re also reshaping priorities (i.e. lunch with new co-worker instead of social media crawl) and shaving bad habits (the busyness crutch) in small, focused and impactful ways. What are your local issues? What can you change today?

From the mosh pit to the office: Read William Azaroff‘s epiphany about Vancouver’s local music scene and how important it is to be a great crowd. Do you inspire your boss/your coworkers/your mentors to play their best?

Author Nan Russell argues that “trust” plays a bigger role in careers and career potential than most realize. Her new book, “Trust Inc”. looks at the various ways we build, lose and gain trust – and explains why trust is a local issue (in other words, in your hands to change).

Here’s a tip to make your next employee evaluation or resume-writing session a breeze. Forbes suggests starting an email folder to capture all your accomplishments.That way, they’re available for easy recall when you need them (and you will). What to include? Kudos from clients or coworkers, any hard, numerical results from campaigns or projects and pieces for your portfolio. Click here for 9 more things you should do at work at the start of 2014.

Do you love telling people about the millions of meetings you have to wrap up? The thousands of phone calls you need to return? Or the inbox so crammed with unread emails, you’ll never get to theirs? Tyler Wardis explains the fallacy of the busyness crutch – and the real message you are sending.

What can marketers expect in 2014? Here’s a look at top 20 Captivating Marketing Statistics from MarketingProfs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Also, in case you missed it: