Love Monday #51: The Witching Hour

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In life and work, we shift between stages. Sometimes, fluidly. Sometimes with great pain. Most of the time, without much ceremony. Our latest collection of #standapart career and marketing links from across the web is themed around just that: transitions. Whether it’s moving from morning to afternoon at the office (how to make your lunch time count), or completely halting your current business to ask “why” (See @DuncanFulton talking about digital media), we the think the “witching hour” deserves to be observed. And when you enter into a transition period, remember, it’s time to start listening…seriously listening…to yourself and those around you.

If you take lunch at your desk, you might appreciate this re-think of the modern lunch break and how to use that time more efficiently. Personal hygiene, relationship maintenance, health checks: here’s what you can fit in a well-planned lunch hour.

A thoughtful post on “the witching hour” – those moments of transition in life and career that often fly by, but should also be relished. Whether it’s pressing ‘go’ on a big campaign or passing your quick-learning mentee up the ladder, how do you acknowledge what’s passing? And do you easily let things go?

Social Media. Just like High School? So says this South by South West talk by @hugeinc offering a five-point guide to social marketing…without the social awkwardness.

Listen to @DuncanFulton, Senior Vice-President @CanadianTire talking about “the case for integration” and the value in asking why about everything. #DX32014

Cautionary tale (and a good laugh): Anti-Mentor Roasts Millennial Who Contacted Her on LinkedIn