Love Monday #57: What do you do?

Love Monday

I overheard a little girl and her mom talking in a walk-in medical clinic the other day. She asked her mom, “what do you do again?”

The mom said, “Don’t you remember what I do, dear?” The little girl said, “Oh right, you’re an accountant. So, do you write 1-100 all day?”  I had a laugh and remembered an important lesson: what you do is all perspective (how well you do it, how much you do it, who you do it for and how interesting/fulfilling/rewarding it can be). And yes, there are times our employers ask us to run through brick walls for them, but there’s also the little things: a nice or adventurous lunch out with colleagues, a website that makes your day easier and the universal truths of human connection that drive how we do business. A restful #LoveMonday to all those recovering from the Vancouver Sun Run!

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