Love Monday: Always be improving Aug26


Love Monday: Always be improving

Love Monday LogoSome of us Smart-Savvy-ers recently hit the fairways at the PNE. One by one, we’ve been returning to the office with tales of deep-fried what-have-you’s and overly spinny rides we can’t quite stomach anymore.  We’ve also been asking: where did half of the PNE go? Have you noticed it too? Sure, things don’t look quite the same when you’re all grown up: the unpaid intern, who once shuddered at the immense social wilderness of the games room, now ‘owns’ the foosball table. Even the manager and director jobs you once coveted seem uncomfortably attainable once you’re in them. But, however different things look on the north side of 30, there’s no question: something’s not quite right with the PNE. Attendance? Square footage? Revenues? An irreconcilable city plan? I guess this is all to say: if you’re not moving forward, then you’re moving back. In fact (cliché alert), in business, there’s no standing still. If you’re not growing, you’re diminishing. And people are noticing. That’s why it’s important (we’ve also been camping this summer) to stay poised, axe in hand, and keep chipping away…always be improving. Here are 5 #LoveMonday to help you do just that:

Are progress report meetings a total waste of time? Some say those all-important face-to-face sessions should be reserved for one thing only: decision-making. All the rest, they purport, is better taken care of with the ever-evolving slew of e-tools (email, file sharing, etc.). What do you think? With these techniques, could you cut your meeting time by a third, a half, or more?

How many times do you post to social media per day? Learn what works for Tiffany & Co. – one of the highest-ranking retailers when it comes to online engagement – in this detailed breakdown of their social media marketing strategies for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+

Are you using Slideshare yet? If so, you may want to review @hubspot’s collection of 10 inspirational SlideShare presentations for marketers …and not just for content either, but for style, typography, storytelling techniques, animation and layout. Great ideas here.

If you’re in a leadership role, you’ll want to keep this rule-of-thumb close at hand: “It’s not personal. It’s interpersonal.” Then, you’ll want to read this post titled: How to fail as leader.

Brand exposure and awareness for several hours at a time? Sign us up! @6s_Marketing is looking to help 3 brands connect with customers on a musical note by creating customized @Songza playlists for their service or company. Telus, Juicy Fruit and Mr. Clean are already on board. If you’re interested, you can make your pitch and apply here.