Love Monday: Back To School

Love Monday LogoIt’s almost back-to-school time. And whether or not you’re headed to class, September still feels like a new beginning to many. There’s a sense of second chances and personal renewals, time to spruce up your office lunch regime or register for a quick skills upgrade or leadership session. We want to know: how do you take advantage of and/or avoid the school-year rhythm? Do you still feel it? React to it? Grow with it? Let us know. In the meantime, we’ve gathered together these #LoveMonday links in celebration of learning.

Visual learners, data fiends and procrastinators report here: 40 maps that will make you see the world in a whole new way. This one from Business Insider is pretty good too.

They may not have a puppy room (yet), but we’re digging this inside-look into the work-hard/play-hard world of Hootlandia … not to mention, a quick lesson on employer branding done right.

Being pushed around by an older team member? Feeling misunderstood or underutilized by your (much younger) boss? Here are the most common age-related stereotypes at work and how to overcome them.

It’s hard to make friends, or is it? With the prevalence of social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, it’s become increasingly easy to “connect.” The problem occurs when all those ‘virtual’ connections are overburdened by misplaced importance.  Here’s a short video on the Innovation of Loneliness – and why your impressive “friend” count might actually make you lonelier in the end. What opportunities are you making for real interactions, activities and discussions?

Having trouble remembering things at work? Try these 11 simple (and actually quite useful) tricks for improving your memory.