LOVE MONDAY: Charlie APP, an Interview must-ask and Facebook’s newest timeline Mar18


LOVE MONDAY: Charlie APP, an Interview must-ask and Facebook’s newest timeline

What’s there to LOVE about MONDAY? We ask that question all the time. Here’s what we’ve got: the opportunity to #standapart, to do something unconventional, to gain a skill or sharpen an old one, or this:

“My happiness does come from what I do on a daily basis.  I can’t even call it “work” or a “job” because it’s so much more than that…which for me is how I know I’m in the right place.” – via

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Facebook announced its “newest” new timeline right here in Vancouver: one year (or roughly the length of time it takes for a skilled worker to get permission to work in the United States). Like or unlike?

Do you think telling the straight facts on a resume will blow them away? We appreciated this humourous take on one of the most common resume mistakes we see via The Onion.

Love Monday LogoWe love anything that helps us bring our best to work – and from what we’ve read, Charlie will be the must-have business app of the year. Far more useful than the last Internet sensation by the same name (think finger biter), this Charlie claims he can help you “rock your next meeting” by filtering through various online sources to prepare super-personalized briefing notes on anyone you’re scheduled to meet.

Sharks in the water? Recent shark fin sightings from Vancouver’s seawall turn out to be a nothing more than a razor-sharp marketing attack.

Looking for a new killer interview question? Our recent look at has us reviewing (and refreshing) our list of interview must-asks. We definitely heard some at SmavvyTV (i.e. Brian Wong’s ‘What is your superpower?’) but we also thought this question, picked up in a recent New York Times interview, had a ton of candidate-revealing merit. Click here to learn why you should ask this: “Who is your mentor?”