Love Monday: Mid-Year Re-Focus

Love Monday LogoIt’s mid-year. Take advantage of the ‘so-called’ summer slowdown and spend some time reviewing (and renewing) your focus at work. #LoveMonday is our collection of weekly #StandApart career development links, people and stories from the Marketing, Sales and Communications industries.

You tell yourself every Sunday: this week will be different. This week I’ll be organized. This week, I won’t cyber loaf. This week, I’ll be on my game.  And it works – for a day or two. Here are a few great tips on how to combat workplace ADD and anchor your attention on what really matters.

This post might sound over-dramatic but there’s just something about LinkedIn profiles written in 3rd person that gets under the skin. If you’re guilty of a self-directed ode, we highly suggest you claim your voice and go with the naked “I” instead.

The Globe and Mail’s “Amazing Space” series takes us inside Vancouver’s Vision Critical, where the view is anything but secondary. Why wouldn’t you make room for a communal putting green? (VIDEO)

Young well-educated wage earners in Vancouver readjust their expectations when it comes to where and how they’ll live with a growing acceptance of shared living and out-of-reach home prices.

Distracted by your failure to consume sufficient amounts of water during your workday…despite some pretty compelling benefits (focus, energy, looks…just to name a few)? There’s an app for that (of course). Waterin allows you to set a prescribed number of glasses per day and then sends helpful reminders to help you fill up and water-down.

In the unavoidable face of your year-end review, why not schedule an hour this week to conduct your own mid-year professional health-check? Some great questions to ask yourself here.