Love Monday: Millennials Jul08


Love Monday: Millennials

Love Monday LogoI recently participated in a panel discussion at the XYBoom Intergenerational Conference hosted in Vancouver’s Yaletown (you can access the conference takeaway package here). The conference promotes the idea of intergenerational cooperation; the idea that we can move beyond age, gender and cultural stereotypes in pursuit of collaborative change – bettering our organizations and, no doubt, ourselves, in the process. Today’s #LoveMonday post is loosely themed around Millennials (who they are, what they like, where to find them), but it’s also based on that spark of an idea (#BOOM) that what’s most important is what we can learn from each other.

Do Canadian Millennials think of/care about reward and loyalty programs? Which ones are they using and how does it differ from the rest of Canada? A recent study from Abacus Data Poll shows that Canadian Millennials are the least likely to be scooping up rewards and – to keep them – major change needs to happen fast.

Marketing without…words? The rising popularity of the image-driven web (think Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest) means digital marketers need new ways to measure engagement – at the visual level.Read more: The shift from words to pictures

Who are your content marketing heroes? Here are 10creative marketing ideas from the who’s-who of content marketing.

We’ve all got our list of favourite management books, but what about albums? Former Groupon CEO, Andrew Mason, just released a 7-track album, Hardly Working, on iTunes and Spotify parlaying his best career advice to “executives, mid-level management, and front-line employees.” Topics range from team morale to personal confidence to complicated supervisor-employee relationships.

We all want to find a job that brings meaning, but what abut two? BC Business takes a look at the growing trend of ‘dual careerists’ – people who juggle more than one career at a time. Personal fulfillment, total denial or plain necessity? What do you think?