Love Monday: O Canada

Love Monday LogoFireworks. Swimming weather. A chance to catch up.  To take a breath. To re-start or reel it in. Happy Canada Day from Smart Savvy + Associates! Here’s a few #standapart #lovemonday links to enjoy on your ‘me’ time.

Free beer with your Canadian passport.

Proudly Canadian: if you saw a blockbuster in the theatres this weekend, there’s a good chance it was in 3-D. What you may not know is that one of the world’s leading 3-D conversion technology companies, Gener8, is based right here in Vancouver.

Looking to fit more physical activity into your daily routine? No sweat! Meet Canadian designer, Darryl Agawin. He’s created a 3-piece workspace furniture set that can transform into exercise furniture. Now that’s efficiency!

That guy you met at lake. The person who cuts your hair.  The ex (and nearly forgotten) colleague.  Should you or should you not accept that LinkedIn invitation? Here’s some sage advice and a useful litmus test for making every connection count.

Why Mountain Equipment Coop rebranded and how they did it. Read more.

Who’s watching you: useful information or TMI? LinkedIn has updated your homepage to include stats letting you know whose attention you’ve caught, where you’ve been trolling, who’s reading your activity feeds and more. A couple of other new features include

Ever heard of a ‘parklet’? Us either! But now it’s on our list of must-go lunch spots in Downtown Vancouver. This summer, why not extend your long weekends by 60-minutes, with a mini break for lunch not at your desk?