Love Monday : Share what you know

siriHow much time do you spend each morning deleting newsletters and feeds you no longer care to read? Here’s some great advice we found @AdviceMallardsTo stop receiving marketing email, filter by the word unsubscribe. Simple, but genius. Here’s five more helpful lessons we’ve dug up for this #LoveMonday edition: share it all.

6 online marketing lessons you should take note of from comedian, Louis CK.

What’s the only social media platform currently on the rise in BC? Find out here: 6S Marketing and Insights West have teamed up to bring you these top social media insights from 800+ BC adults. Where do you fit on the scale?

How will Siri ever learn, if you just end up doing all the work yourself? Don’t miss out on important teaching opportunities: 5 things we can learn about leadership from Siri.

Nothing beats a well-tailored retail site. Zappos is leading the online retail curation movement where less is more (as long as there’s a story behind it).

Leaders are learners. How many of these top 20 books on leadership do you have on your bookshelf? What titles do you recommend? ?