Love Monday: The Space You’re In

Love Monday Logo52,000 square-feet in a 2.5 block radius. That’s the ‘space’ Mark Brand, well-known Vancouver entrepreneur and social enterpriser, claims as his own. In this recent talk, Brand moves from global context to hypertext to the ever important, underlying subtext (your space, wherever it exists, however you define it) to relay his simple message – your ‘space’ is yours to define. Feeling stuck at work? Change it. Dealing with the stress of co-worker tension? Fix it. It’s Monday. Take a look around. Do you like what you see? If not…

We love this line: “If you’re watching more TED Talks than Will Farrell movies lately, you may be yearning for a meaning-filled career.” Here are some great tips for jobseekers looking to brand themselves in the do-good sector and find a purpose-driven role.

Creative Mornings Vancouver is the offshoot of a wildly successful free, monthly lecture series started by a group of ‘creative types’ in New York. Each month, they issue a global theme. July was “Space.” In Vancouver, entrepreneur and social enterpriseleader, Mark Brand was invited to give his perspective. He came up with: “Taking Responsibility for the Space You Occupy.” Here’s his talk.

The concept of Emotional Intelligence (EI) can sound abstract. In this post, Daniel Goleman drills EI down into a list of actual skills (hard and soft) that EI-savvy employers are looking for on the job. If you’re interviewing for a new position anytime soon, you might want to come armed with some examples that illustrate these must-have traits.

We saw it on LinkedIn @Fraser Green: “Here’s something you can take a minute to do for fun. Go to the PRIZM link and enter your postal code to find which of 66 demographic clusters you belong to. As David Foot said in ‘Boom, Bust & Echo’, demographics is 2/3 of everything! “

Phone and Skype interviews don’t have to feel awkward. Here are some great tips for your next virtual interview: be prepared (crib notes!), dress the part and…Read more.

Also, in case you missed it:

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