Love Monday: Tips for Marketers

Love Monday LogoWhen’s the last time you heard a great tip? Have you ever been tipped off about someone leaving a coveted position? Or received an insider’s scoop on what to expect in an interview? Or maybe a trusted mentor or teacher once gave you the real deal on what’s holding you back? A good tip can be a game-changer, that trick in your pocket, an ally – allowing you to work smarter, faster and with the inside edge. And while it’s true that “tips” abound, we’re only passing on the good ones.

Here are 5 marketing and career tips you’ll be happy you heard:

You’ve got a killer marketing campaign. Now how do you give it wings? Follow these master tips on “How stuff spreads” from Face Group, who’s hosting a new series exposing how “how digital content (videos, articles, websites, and images) travels the social web.”

Five easy-to-follow suggestions for how to tackle a major spring clean for your online presence.

This infographic supports the old adage “timing is everything” as it lays out the very best and worst times to post on social media across all major channels.

Whatever your marketing role – writer, designer, media buyer, sales copywriter, or communications strategist – learning a few core technology concepts can help you boost and scale your creative efforts. But don’t worry, you’ll never need to write a line of code yourself; the big tip here is that you get up-to-speed just enough to effectively communicate with your programming and tech specialists.

What’s your timeline from insight to action? Here’s a look at the agile marketing tactics of three companies, including Vancouver’s own, who are nailing fast, efficient and more responsive.