LoveMonday #46 – Boost Your Personal Value

lm46Presentation skills matter. Whether it’s inter-team presentations promoting transparency and accountability, the way you command a room (public speaking) or the ability of big brands to make personal connections (storytelling), you are being watched and judged for how you connect. Take some time this #LoveMonday to reflect on your presentation skills.This Forbes writer called it the “one skill that will boost your value by 50% in 2014.” Is your public speaking stuck in that almost “good enough” spot? What would it mean to your career to commit the time and energy required to get even better?

How important are your people skills? It only took 14-months for Yahoo’s last COO (a former Google exec) to be asked to leave. Here’s one take on why: Did Poor Communications Skills Do in Yahoo’s COO?

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall; Do my PowerPoint presentations suck? Here’s how to tell if you’re doing PowerPoint all wrong.


MindJet CMO, Jascha Kaykas-Wollf, on his four-step process for creating team transparency through agile marketing and inter-team presentations.

Re:trend: Vine’s video platform has brought stop-motion back into the spotlight. Here is the girl who’s leading the charge, telling 6-second brand stories for the world’s largest companies (via This is Remarkable)

You might call TED the ultimate in public speaking training. Short, powerful stories that connect with audiences and leave a lasting impression. Vancouver’s inaugural TED event is just over one month away. BCBusiness has just posted the full TED speaker line-up, which will be broadcast online for those of us without a ticket. Who are you most excited to see?