LoveMonday #47 – My Heart is Zoned For This Job

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 9 48 50 PMAre you following Sochi? If there’s one thing I love about the Olympics, it’s the way the games capture life’s biggest, purest moments in the simplest ways. A picture of two brothers celebrating a gold medal. A celebratory kiss. The hard work of winning the hardware (or even just being present to play) is never about the prize; it’s always about the people, the sweat, the vision and the fierce determination that got those athletes to the game. Our #LoveMonday honours that sentiment. We’re talking about processes and systems for goal-crushing, leadership traits that drive growth, listening to your heart’s truest desires and even taking time-out for gratitude. Happy #LoveMonday – we hope you win at whatever you do.

If you’re company has “growth” listed as priority #1 for 2014, they’ll be looking for good leaders to get them there. This infographic asks “Are you a good leader?” and lists the key traits that make one. For example, Trait #1 “Leads the way in Ethics Initiatives.” Some great ideas for improving your own leadership here.

Who’s life are you leading? Is the fear of change and even failure holding you back from real success? A personal account from Mark Tercek, CEO of the world’s largest environmental non-profit (and former Managing Director and Partner for Goldman Sachs). Are you considering a direction change? If so, click here.

We saw this link via Creative Mornings/Van and just had to share. Here’s a totally fresh take on goal setting that puts systems and processes over goals. The message? Forget the lofty ideals of “better” and commit to the hard work of success.

Cultivate a few minutes of gratitude this morning with this Tedx talk from photographer, Louie Schwartzberg, as told through his stunning time-lapse photography. [VIDEO]

Looking for a more unique and thoughtful e-way to express your love this Valentine’s? Check out Planning Love. Fast Company calls it “an adorable and hilarious e-card Tumblr that pairs vintage photos and illustrations with urban planning and architecture in-jokes.” As in, “My heart is zoned for you” and “You’re the starchitect of my life.” Via Fast Company