LoveMonday #54: Testing, Testing

Love Monday LogoOh Gwyneth, you’ve done it again. We’re still coming up with an endless string of ‘consciously uncoupling‘ jokes (just last week, we morally disengaged from a go-nowhere meeting). Then, we wondered: have we ever ‘consciously uncoupled’ from a job?

When reality falls drastically out of line with expectations – yours or others – it is time to stop saying yes and start negotiating real trade-offs? If you’ve been carrying your still-to-be replaced coworkers’ workload for too long, is it time to temper your go-getter attitude with an equal demand (yes, I’ll pick up the extra work AND I’ll need to be compensated…or else)?

If you tested your status quo with the same rigor you approached your on-boarding, what would the outcome be?  These are all hard questions, no doubt. Wishing you a thoughtful #LoveMonday.

The question you’ll ask or be asked sooner than you think: Is that a Smartphone on your wrist?

When you want to say ‘no’, consider how much sweeter a “Yes, and….” reply could be. The Chief Information Officer at the University of Saskatchewan gives his short and sweet take on managing a client’s (or boss’) expectations for what you can realistically deliver.

Here’s an article for when you’re gazing up the career ladder and all you can think is (to quote Tina Fey): “I don’t want to go to there.” Is quitting your job the more ambitious thing to do? 

We can’t get enough of Jetpac‘s shutter data. Exhibit A: The 10 happiest countries in the world (as determined by crunching 150-million images on Instagram for “smile strength”).

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