LoveMonday #59: The Big Sell

Love Monday LogoSelling is an art form – no question. When you walk into an interview, you sell yourself. When you meet with a client, you sell the business. And when you invest your time in regular and meaningful interactions, you sell the relationship. If you’ve ever been the one to “go dark” in any kind of union (employee/employer; contractor/client; recruiter/job hunter), then you know how detrimental a lack of communication can be to the health of your associations. A quick touch-point, like a check-in or email, can do wonders to keep your relationships on track and reinforce that those vital ‘next steps’ are coming. Who should you reach out to this #LoveMonday?

It’s the little things that count, even at work. Here’s how to really reward your employees – one small CONSISTENT, SPECIFIC and SINCERE act at a time. [VIDEO]

Sales is a core part of any business, but how well do you understand the process and the people who excel at it? In this article, Mark Suster offers up the skinny on sales (for the non-sales minded).

“You can’t possibly know you want to work for my company, unless you know A LOT about my company.” Are you putting enough work into getting the job? Your resume alone won’t cut it.

Don’t leave another voicemail or write another email without reviewing this: “What part of this message is of value to me?” The example may be extreme, but we’ve all been guilty of this communication blunder.

Stick your gum under your desk and you’re liable to be called into HR. Stick your gum on this guys’ head, and it’s called, Art. Just what Vancouver needed or germ-ridden eyesore?