#LoveMonday: Job Search to Dream Job

Love Monday LogoIn honour of Twitter’s imminent arrival to Vancouver, we’ll summarize this post in 140 characters or less: #StandApart tips for high-velocity careers…from job search to dream job. Enjoy. #LoveMonday

Boundless potential? Breathtaking achievement? Sounds like a trailer for Superman, but no, it’s text from a recently posted job ad from Twitter. Following Facebook’s lead, Twitter is opening a “global center of excellence” in Vancouver. If you’re a computer science grad, read more here.

How not to faux pas your way out the door. The do’s and don’ts of name-dropping in an interview.

Smart Savvy Founder, Peter Reek, recently shared 9 ways to #StandApart in your job search at the latest breakfast session, hosted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. We’re pleased to share his speaking slides. #AwesomeQuotes #9StepsToStandApart

What a great VP Sales really does. 5 prioritized steps to making the ‘magic happen.’ Recruiting, supporting, and…read more.

Of the ten skills most likely to land you a job in 2013, it’s the less flashy skills (not the technical expertise) that really dominate. Here’s a good read on why you might want to hone your ‘active listening’ and ‘critical thinking’ skills before your next interview.

Thrilling news for job seekers everywhere: Google denounces practice of interview brainteasers. Why you might never have to guess how many hockey sticks there are in Canada, ever again. And some other fascinating insights on recruiting and hiring from Google.

Are you working on a specific “problem” or pain point at work? Here’s a little inspiration for getting it solved: How a standard key lock actually works.