Rock the Interview: 4 must-have traits that don’t fit on a resume.

Job interview 101: Next time you find yourself under the corporate microscope, you’ll be glad you reviewed Mashable’s recent list of “interview personalities.”

(Which one are you? The Youngster? The Intimidator? The Innovator?)

Now that you’ve got the basics covered, here’s the next level of thinking when it comes to landing the job:

Four of Vancouver’s top marketing leaders reveal what they look for across the interview desk. And here’s a hint, the answers probably aren’t on your resume.

The Plus-One

Angela Scardillo, VP Marketing, Best Buy Canada, pinpoints that moment in an interview when something clicks between her and the candidate. “Suddenly someone starts talking about something they’re passionate about and then they’re telling you how they can help you or your company.” That’s the moment Scardillo calls the plus one. “Right there, you’ve given me some kind of value.”

The One of a Kind

“There’s this misnomer that you have to have an MBA to be on the marketing team at BCAA,” says Heidi Worthington, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer at BCAA.  Heidi reports looking for a special twinkle in an interviewee’s eye, way more than any preset checklist of education or work experiences. “I want a diversity of people on my team who think and behave in different ways.”

The Ironman

Stephanie Corker, Ironman competitor and Head of People Brand for Lululemon Athetica, credits Seth Godin with this recruiting wisdom: “there are only two qualities you aren’t born with: intellect and strategic instinct. Everything else you can be taught, learn or uncover.” Corker says motivation is one of those key areas we can uncover. “Figure out what you would get up at 5am for and articulate that to your potential employer,” says Corker. Her favourite interview question: When was the last time you lost track of time doing something you love?

The Investigator

“I’m always surprised when someone has no questions for me,” says Lawrie Ferguson, Chief Marketing Officer, Coast Capital Savings “I mean, how much are you truly looking into and investing in the company you might be working for?” Ferguson looks for passionate people who go above and beyond what was asked. “I like to ask people, what was the job you were supposed to do and what did you do?”