SEO – To be or not to be

It must be amusing for the algorithm gods to watch the world scatter at the slightest tweak they make. Search engine mischief in the name of progress? You might think.

When Google stopped using keyword meta tags in its’ searches, to prevent false search results, the marketing world was dumbfounded. Constant change like this to the factors in search rankings has created confusion over whether web content owners can and should influence search engines at all.

“Google Instant Makes SEO Irrelevant” — This was the brazen pronouncement on the Steve Ruble blog (Sept 8). It got over 190 responses. Google Instant is a new search feature that works as users type the letters of their search phrase. Real time results display instantly before the phrase is even completed. Google is aiming for Instant to become “the core search experience” on Google.com for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE 8.

It means marketers will need to revise their SEO strategies yet again. Many despaired at this news. Others responded with zest, seeing the potential for more developed forms of SEO. Maybe what Google really did was kill SEO, as we know it now. Should be interesting to see where this goes, I’ll be keeping my eye out.

Start with the basics

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