Show and Tell: Quantifying Your ROI to Employers

Why shouldn’t an employer choose those who will give them the best return on their money? By presenting the ROI you offer an employer you can shine from the rest. Show how your particular methods result in significant gains. But not everyone is adept at connecting their work to the bottom line in actual numbers, and then communicating that.Look at your marketing costs including:

  • PR
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Internet (web development, SEO, social media, email)
  • Events
  • Print

Then your data variables like:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Market share
  • Site traffic
  • Sales feedback
  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Identification of new markets

These numbers = money. ROI is calculated from revenue gained minus the cost to produce the product or service and the cost of marketing it.

If you can link your marketing data to comparably high revenues in specific ways, you’re giving employers a compelling reason to hire you. While it takes time to analyse your ROI value, and there are different formulas for arriving at the numbers, it’s well worth it come interview time.