so you were born… then what?

babyThis question is taken from an exercise we use in our interviews to get better acquainted with our candidates. We give each interviewee a blank time-line with a simple set of instructions (we’re deliberately light on the instructions so candidates can take it where they want to go).

Specifically it reads like this…

“Please plot 6-8 key life/career developments that have helped shape you into the person you are today.” On one end of the time line is “They day you were born”, on the other end, “Today.”

9/10 people love it. In five years, I have only had one person struggle to the point of not being capable of completing it. It’s a reasonable question- but, it can be a tough one too. Most people express appreciation for the opportunity to look at their life/career from that perspective. Many uncover things they didn’t realize have played an important role in shaping their career (choices).

From our perspective, we find it really helps us get to know the individual sitting across the table from us . Quite often the question reveals significant accomplishments you’d never find on a resume (or hear about if the question wasn’t posed in such a manner).

Why don’t you try it on for size? Have a go! Maybe you’ll find it helpful for telling your story. Click Here to have access to a PDF of the timeline.