Steve Mossop’s 10 Career Lessons

The week before last, we hosted our inaugural Smart Savvy Society (aka Smavvy Society) event. We named the session “If I knew then…” and we hand-picked 12 seasoned professionals to share five minutes of career planning ‘hindsights’ with the crowd. It was definitely an evening of rapid-fire insights (think ‘pecha kucha’ style) from industry professionals who shared differing perspectives on life and career.

The event sold out in four days which told us the subject matter resonated and the roster excited! We decided to film the evening with the plan to release the videos one at a time over the next 12 weeks.

First up is Steve Mossop, who is just embarking on his own venture after an illustrious 18 year career with Ipsos Reid. Steve filmed his presentation in advance as the Ipsos team was taking him out for his farewell celebration the night of the event. To keep up to date with Steve’s next venture follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter (@SteveMossop).