Team Smart, Savvy Supports Giving Tuesday – Join Us!


GivingTuesday-WideToday is Giving Tuesday and Smart, Savvy joined the movement! Smart, Savvy gave team members each $25 to support their favourite charity using the Chimp giving platform.

Giving Tuesday is a new movement for giving and volunteering, taking place each year after Cyber Monday. The “opening day of the giving season,” it is a day where charities, companies and individuals join together to support their favourite charities.

Team Smart, Savvy shared why they choose to donate to their charity:

“I chose to support Covenant House, a shelter for homeless youth. They provide much needed shelter to vulnerable young people and work closely with residents to transition away from life on the streets.” – Peter Reek, @peterreek.

“I donated to BC Children’s Hospital. We have been very blessed with two kids who have NOT had to go there; I want to support the families that are not so lucky.” –  Jaylene Crick, @smavvyjay

“The charity I supported is the branch of UNICEF that works directly with Syrian children and refugees. The Syrian conflict is increasingly complex and fragmented, and with that comes an increasingly daunting feeling of hopelessness. I think one of the steps towards resolution and peace is the treatment of refugees and children. How displaced peoples are treated now will influence how the region will be in the future. Because Syrian refugees deserve peace, endless awards for their courage, and a good Christmas, I’ve chosen UNICEF this year and will continue to in the future.” – Lindsay Dykman, @smavvylinds

“I donated to the Union Gospel Mission, they feed the residents of the East Side of Vancouver. I know how much a good meal can mean to someone and what a difference kindness can be to those who often are far from it.” – Keith Bradley

“I have supported the Heart to Heart Children’s Home in Haiti. I visited this children’s home when I was in grade 12 and have sponsored a child through this home for a number of years. I really appreciate how they are focused on keeping children connected to their own biological families, spending money within the country of Haiti itself to help its own economy and developing students into a trade or college education so that the impact is lifelong on these individuals’ lives.” – Julie Warkentin

“I am supporting my friends Andrew and Julie through the faith-based organization Hungry for Life. They felt called to help at risk women in South East Asia be freed from corruption and help them get back on their feet. I believe this is a worthwhile cause to support.” –  Jarrod Offereins, @smavvyoff

“I supported S.O.S. Ukraine – this is my country and I feel for the people suffering as a result of the current political unrest. I appreciate the opportunity to provide a little support.” – Anna Perminova, @annaPRminova

“I love the work of International Justice Mission (IJM).  They rarely ask for my money but send out consistent reports on individuals impacted by the work of IJM. I can see in REAL time the life-changing work that they do – being a voice to the voiceless and being an arm of justice in countries all around the globe. This is something I could never do, but I can play a small part in making that happen.” – Rose Atkinson, @RoseAtk

“I supported the Trans-Himalayan Aid Society (TRAS). Founded in 1962, TRAS supports the health and education of children and youth in northern India, Nepal, and Tibet. The success stories are incredible, donors have supported the education of a children in the Himalayan region, one of the poorest in the world. Many of these children have graduated from high school and gone onto complete trade programs or post-secondary education.” – Marina Guy, @themguy

“My donation is going towards Princess Margaret Hospital for several reasons: I only completed half of the Ride to Conquer Cancer due to my bicycle mishap, my uncle is an oncologist at the hospital, my cousin is in remission thanks to the work at this hospital and my girlfriend’s mother is in a trial program for ovarian cancer, is doing exceptionally well, and is a spokesperson for the hospital.” – Sebastian Pavlovec

“I supported KidSport Canada because I feel strongly every child should have the opportunity to play sports.” – Matthew Campbell

We encourage everyone to get involved in this meaningful movement and donate funds or their time to their favourite charity. Share how you supported Giving Tuesday in our comments section or by using the hashtag #GivingTuesday.