The Anti Networking Event

The whole purpose of networking (meeting new people, expanding your horizons, creating opportunity) is made 100% better when like-minded individuals get together to share ideas, discuss ideas and even generate new ideas. The anti-networking event delivers just that.

If you’re feeling a little ho-hum about the standard networking scene, why not try one of these career inspiring, creativity fuelled and good-energy magnetizing events right here in Vancouver?


Benefits of the Anti-Networking Event:

–       Instant material: no wondering what to talk about (anti-networking events bring people together for a defined learning purpose).

–       Practice engaging with and participating in idea exchange/creation (a skill you can bring back to the office)

–       Meet amazing people who will inspire you (and actually get to interact with them)

Here’s our top anti-networking events in (or coming to) Vancouver for 2014:


PetchaKucha Night

PechaKucha is the bottom-up answer to the top-down TED approach. Speakers of all stripes and sizes follow the same, simple 20×20 formula: 20 images shown for 20 seconds each, all set on an automatic slide advance. That way, presenters know: there’s no turning back, no lengthy thought-detours, just the chance to talk along to their images – and make every second count.

Note: If you want to catch the last PechaKucha of the year in Vancouver, you’ll have to ask fast: it’s tonight. At only $15 per ticket, you get to hear from 10 outstanding speakers. But if you miss it, worry not. PechaKucha will be back in 2014.


Le Bon Mot Book Club

You’ll have to find an “in” for this invite only book club-on-steroids, but if you get past that hurdle you’re bound to have one unforgettable night. Started by Leah Costello of West Vancouver, Le Bon Mot book Club brings mega-authors (i.e. Freakonomics author, Steve Levitt) and headline-making leaders (i.e. American Economist, Nouriel Roubini) into an intimate dinner party setting. You get the book in advance and then have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to discuss and debate ideas with the authors/public figures themselves, all in high-class style at the Vancouver Club.

Single event tickets are pricey at $500, but comparable to a big conference ticket – and potentially leave you with a story you can tell for years (i.e. that time I spent an evening with Kofi Anan).


THNK: Creative Leadership School

One to watch for: THNK Amsterdam hasn’t yet landed in Vancouver, but it’s coming. The people behind THNK believe the answer to solving the “impending problems of 2050” is passionate, visionary, and creative leadership. Their charge? To “activate the superpowers of some of the world’s future game-changers.” THNK gives creative business leaders the space, connections and freedom to think big and solve problems – real, pressing, save-the-world problems.

Leading the go-to-market strategy for THNK Vancouver is Sarah Dickinson, past SVP Strategy for Blast Radius and part of the brain trust behind Whole Foods’ online magazine, Look for online components of THNK as well as a distilled version of their invite-only Creative Leadership School called “Taste of THNK” – both set to come to Vancouver in 2014.



We’ve blogged about this free, morning lecture series before. The program is billed for “creative types” but literally anyone can benefit from the idea exchange happening at these mostly full house, speaker-driven events. Their last speaker was Mike Tippett, serial entrepreneur and two-time Emmy nominee. He spoke on “bravery” and how we can find more of it in our every day lives.

Each CreativeMornings talk is 20-minutes long and includes group discussion and Q+A time afterwards.  Attend enough of them and you’re sure to make some pretty inspiring friends.


Please leave a comment below and share some of your favourite Vancouver events, meet-ups, workshops, conferences, etc with our readers.