Highlights From Our Inaugural LeaderLounge™ Event, “To Sell Is Human”

This past Wednesday we took the THNK School of Creative Leadership by storm with our flurry of red, white, and smavvytinis. We descended on the Sun Tower location—smitten with its Euro-esque feel inherited from its native Netherlands—and filled the room with catered carpaccio, Truth and Endeavor from The Liberty Distillery, and 60+ brains (and beauties) currently in leadership roles. LeaderLounge™ began with a buzz of networking and continued all night with the Twittering (not twiddling) of thumbs and the opening of eyes (that’s right, Bob). 

So, if you weren’t there — and even if you were there, because let’s be real there was a LOT of content — what did you miss?



First things first, we’re ALL in sales. Lawyers aim to sell a verdict to a jury, teachers aim to sell a subject to their students, and online daters try to sell their personality and profiles to others. We’re all aiming to persuade an individual to either “move” away or towards something.


The internet hasn’t (as once predicted) put sales into its grave; it has simply revamped what the sales life cycle looks like. At one time, the buyer had to lean on the words and wisdom of the salesperson, who was the expert in their field and was “all-knowing” of their product. Now, there is the freedom to no longer put full trust into a salesperson but instead rely on the words and wisdom of the Internet. We’ve moved from a “Buyer Beware” to a “Seller Beware” mentality where the control has shifted from one to the other.


We also learned that Daniel Pink is reinventing the alphabet: the traditional ABC’s of sales (Always Be Closing) are no longer translatable to this day and age. The new ABC’s of Selling are Attunement (how able you are to take the perspective of others), Buoyancy (being able to bounce back from rejection and maintain a positive outlook), and Clarity (asking the right questions in order to make sense of your surroundings).


Of course, the night was filled with MANY other learnings and live tweets:


Don’t forget that our next event LeaderLounge event, Why The Future? featuring Jordan Eshpeter, is taking place June 24. Will you be joining us at our next workshop? Tell us in the comments below and see you (maybe) there!