LeaderLounge™: To Sell Is Human

Our first LeaderLounge™ is only a few weeks away (cue fanfare and trumpets). We are launching the series with a bang, bringing in the big guns: my talented colleagues Keith Bradley, Sales Recruitment Consultant, and Matthew Campbell, Recruitment Consultant for the Albertas. These recruiting pros with sales and marketing roots are leading the first ‘Leaders are Readers™’ session on “To Sell is Human” by Daniel Pink. Award-winning digital media executive, Tom Gierasimczuk, General Manager + Publisher at TC Media will also be on hand to share his insights on sales in the publishing world. If you have ever had the opportunity to see Tom speak you know you are in for some great insights and applications (with possibly a dose of sass here or there).

Pink’s ‘To Sell is Human’ raises compelling points around connection and sales – the internet, in fact, has not killed sales jobs. In reality, the total number of sales jobs has increased since 2000. In Canada alone 25% of the workforce is in “sales and service occupations,” and around the world the average is 1 in 8. It’s simply the sales model that has changed.

What is the Leaders are Readers™ series you ask? (If you don’t know at this point you should probably A) Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, and B) check out our LeaderLounge™ introduction post.) In a nutshell, the workshops allow you to experience all the benefits of reading a top-ranked business book without having to do so. Our team prepares an in-depth presentation of a best-selling book and walks through key themes, learnings, insights, and applications. We also invite industry leaders to drive things home with a case study. It is a high-speed book study, perfect for busy marketing, sales and communications professionals. Not only will you learn the key themes from a best-selling book you will also leave with a one pager of highlights so you can start applying the learnings in real life. To top it off, you will have the opportunity to sample delicious local wines and canapés. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Wednesday evening.

Don’t miss out, buy your ticket today, and become part of the conversation today. How do you think sales has changed since the introduction of the internet?