Love Monday #43: Leadership Accountability

Love Monday #43

You don’t need to be in a position of power to start exhibiting leadership. In fact, a simple change of thinking can do the trick. Instead of saying you work “for” Company X, try saying you work “with” them. That simple mind-shift can help you recognize and appreciate your autonomy (more than your servitude) and it lays the groundwork for a career partnership with your employer and colleagues. Of course, it’s important to note that your interests, as an employee, are part of that relationship too. And the best companies will work hard to demonstrate they are working ‘with’ you too (a common trait of BC’s Dream Employers). What’s your thinking around leadership? Are you a leader? Does a direct report make you one?

Our friends at Knightsbridge are asking an important question: Are You Ready To Make 2014 The Year Of Leadership Accountability? Managing Director @VinceMolinaro says true leaders hold themselves accountable for the bottom-line by asking: “What challenges and opportunities will my company face this year, and in what specific ways will I need to step up as a leader?” Read more.

If you thought Emotional Intelligence was a have or have-not proposition, think again. In his latest LinkedIn blog, Daniel Goleman explains the various types of Emotional Intelligence, our varying capacities for each, and the underlying empathic muscle that makes-or-breaks a great leader.

Why would a CEO become someone else’s underling? Fast Company’s @JeffChu has been receiving major kudos for his fascinating insights around Angela Ahrendts’ “new season” at @Apple and what it will take to spark the “retail revolution” she’s after. #EmotionalIntelligence #WholeMind #Leadership #GreatRead #ClickNow.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers offer a huge opportunity to women. Locally, we have groups Girl Development championing the cause. This article (w/ infographic) looks at the dismal entry of women into STEM careers (less than 25%) and asks whether strong, vocal and prominent female leadership in the STEM field is to blame.

Leaders start with “Why?” – Adobe’s Social Strategist @JeremyWaite reports that a super quick search of Google shows 935 million results for “Why” and significantly more (2.15 billion) for “How.” Here’s why our lack of “why’s” poses the greatest threat to our leadership deficit.