Love Monday #45 – The Art of Sales

Tomorrow, our very own Peter Reek and Rodan Gopaul-Singh will be on-site in Toronto for the much-anticipated Art of Sales Conference – a speaker’s series attracting thousands of attendees with heavy-weight presenters ideating on today’s most pressing marketing and sales issues. Not only will Peter and Rodan be soaking up the insights, they’ll be helping attendees get-it-right with the “Art of” LinkedIn Headshots – our Smart Savvy mobile photo booth will be on-site and ready for action. With speakers ranging from Porter Gale (former VP, Marketing at Virgin Airlines) to NY-Times best-selling author, Daniel Pink, it’s sure to be an inspiring and super-fueled day. Here’s a #LoveMonday taste of what’s to come – we’ve rounded up some links from the ArtOf’s enviable speaker line-up:

Sales people used to have information on their side. Now what? The Art Of Sales’s keynote speaker, Daniel Pink, speaks up in defence of selling, telling us why it takes more “intellectual sophistication and insight” than ever before. Read More

The act of shaking hands may seem like a given but, with a little practice, you can turn the humble handshake into a powerful selling machine. This excerpt from Top Dog Sales Secrets explores the Fine Art of “Just Shakin’ on it.”

One customer said,  “I love meeting with those folks…I always learn something when I spend time with them.” Art Of Sales speaker, Matthew Dixon and his co-author, Brent Adamson, talk about sales reps as “Challengers” and why we should all be having insight-led sales conversations with our customers.

Why didn’t I think of that: Best Practices are Stupid author, Stephen Shapiro says “being easy to do business with is critical to success.” How can you be easier to do business with today? And how can you turn that business ‘differentiator’ into innovation success?

The Ultimate “VP of Sales” Interview Prep: 10 questions every founder should ask when interviewing a VP of Sales (via and the top 10 questions every Sales VP candidate should ask the CEO (via @MakingTheNumber)