Love Monday #56: Digital Marketing

What makes for a good digital marketer? Creativity, knowledge and your ability to find one! This #LoveMonday edition features: two digital marketing leader profiles, a quick fix for your entire recruitment process and a reminder of the true traits defining motivation (hint: it’s not money or praise). Wishing you some fun in the sun (now that the cupcakes are long gone)! Happy #LoveMonday.

Only top leaders demonstrate the ‘real deal’ when it comes to motivation. Here’s how to differentiate between those seeking external rewards and the leader who will perform no matter what @DanielGolemanEI

An interview with the Digital Marketing Manager for Tourism Richmond on what’s driving the industry and how to succeed via @SmarttCanada @notbranded

What should you negotiate for when a raise is off the table?

I’m Ronald McDonald and I love Taco Bell’s new breakfast. An interview with the digital marketing strategist behind the “waffle taco” and a whole lot of social success.

3 easy, action-oriented steps to shape up your whole recruiting process.