Love Monday #60 – Conflict “Resolutions”

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Here’s our #LoveMonday question of the day: what conflict(s) are you overcoming? We all know that half the challenge of working is navigating the social and political jungle that is the “office.” Here are five of the most common conflict “resolutions” we hear from candidates and managers alike. It’s all about #lovingwhatyoudo

  1. I will not leave my unwashed mug in the sink
  2. I will not eye-roll
  3. I will speak my mind (but only loud enough that I can still hear what others are saying)
  4. I will decrease my sitting time and take the stairs
  5. I will not work on the weekends

Do you know how to say you’re sorry? Are you able to effectively dispel tensions in the office? Here’s a conflict resolution refresher for managers, parents or anyone feeling the heat.

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