Love Monday – Are you Authentic at Work?

courage authenticityEven when it feels like time might stand still (our thoughts are still with the recent tragedies in the United States), the days run onward. What sense can we make of it all? And what can we truly control? From a professional standpoint, the answer is clear: we can only truly “own” ourselves. Our relationships. Our authenticity. Our unique values. From Executive Coach, Lisa Martin’s effective “Gut Check” to making the most of your #standapart moments, we’re dedicating this #lovemonday to the power of being “you”.

When’s the last time you checked in on your personal authenticity? This post by Executive Coach, Lisa Martin, is all about living true to your core values. Her quick quiz “Gut Check – Are You Being the Real You?” had us identifying key work/life hotspots in desperate need of a little realignment in less than 5 minutes.

Your 30-second pitch might need a digital edit. Here’s best-selling author, Daniel Pink, and his best six updates on the traditional elevator speech.

What would the data of “you” look like? It’s still in beta, but Numbeez may be the next big thing – a personalized newsfeed tracking the stories you care about in numbers and data (think sports scores, stock prices, the price of an airline ticket, anything that can be quantified).

Have a presentation or speech coming up? We’ve heard too many of these real life examples of terrible opening lines (not to mention some fall-on-your-face comedy routines). Save yourself and spare your audience – review these lines you might not even realize you’re about to say.

For some people, there is a moment that changes everything. This author calls it a “moment of obligation” – an event, a new awareness or naked truth that changes your entire trajectory and gives your actions deep meaning. Have you had one? Here’s how to recognize your moment when it comes.

What do you think makes a great workplace? An extra month of vacation and a $2000 Air Canada gift certificate? Lots of #kudos? A smoothie cart or monthly front-line exchanges with the CEO? Voters weighing in on 2013’s list of the “Best places to Work in Canada” say it’s not all about the “perks” – communication, recognition and social good seem to rank just as high in terms of workplace happiness. What do you most value in your own corporate culture? Is there something you can do or suggest today to improve it?

Also, in case you missed it:

Could you be screened out of a job by personality testing? Here’s our look at psychometrics in the recruitment process.